• The power of thermodynamics

    Making biogas projects

    efficient, ecological & economical !

  • What We Do

    We're on a mission to produce more energy from biogaz almost 100% more

    Converting waste heat to power

    the most efficient solution in the world, innovation included

    Our green power turbine can transform a lot of waste heat into electricity in a remarkably efficient way, were at the heart of the technology is a deep desire to push the limits of the technology to it extreme use.

    100% smart investment

    if you agree we invest, both profit

    We offer an share of return revenue we gets from the green power produced and sold every month, we share with you the money every month from the first month itself. you want more be part of the investors groups, your are welcome.

    Thats a deal ! 

  • Who We Are

    passion for green energy !

    Madhav RATHOUR


    Madhav’s favorite things to do think of new ideas that can make changes and bring green energy produciton


    •Ingénieur IIT Delhi + MBA EM Lyon

    • Directeur AQYLON (Past)

    +10 years of expérience in cleantech & energy


  • Biogaz project

    green investment

  • Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Investment requirment € 0k

    Project & engineering cost supoort by us and other investors

    Project Period - 6 months

    Time from contract signature to go-live

    Revenue per year € 30k

    Your share of profit

    Green Power  1 000 MWh/year

    We are making a positive differnce 

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  • Legal info

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